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The classroom spaces have been designed to include group seating and white board access. We are clear that it is a physical, emotional, and pedagogical space for the children. Our classrooms are well lit, well aerated where a lot of activity, fun and technology-based learning happens.

Boarding houses

For getting the right home from home feel, all the boarding students are allowed to personalise their keeping space and the room colours and designs are maintained in a neutral tone. An appropriate number of 3-4 students are allocated to share a room. Recreational area, Study space, tuition, washing, and laundry facilities are provided for junior and senior students.


We consider the teacher’s space is not just behind the desk. We have dedicated spaces for the teachers to demonstrate science experiments. A well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science laboratories are set up, benefiting the students and the teachers.

Ward counsellor

To identify the individuality of the students and to support them on academic, social, and emotional issues, our ward counsellors take precise care. They advise the students on physical and mental issues. Our counsellors act as a bridge between parents, students, and teachers.

Dining space

Through ingenious interior design, long queues and traffic is reduced. A bright, airy, fully ventilated space with stackable chairs and foldable tables is arranged for the students. The dining space can accommodate 200 students and food is served with 10 helpers.


Our school library is well arranged with 8000 books from all categories which are available for students and teachers. English and Tamil newspapers are provided to inculcate the reading habit and keep the students updated on the latest news.


Built to macro standards, our auditorium can accommodate 2000 audience. We take humble pride in hosting several districts, state, and national-level school events at our auditorium.


Commuting services are provided at the school. All the buses are enabled with GPS tracking and speed governing services. Buses take the best route to reduce the commuting time.

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