Clubs & Activities

Why student clubs?

The student club has been started with the motive to inculcate collaboration, teamwork, growing-together attitude among the students. Helps to bring out innovation, creative thinking, and leadership qualities among the students.

Gardening club

The gardening club provides a way for plant enthusiasts to collaborate and learn about plants, propagation methods through shared resources. Children learn the relationship between plants and the urban environment. They understand and learn the significance of food in our everyday life. The club is initiated to create a positive impact on human health, even more in an emotional and psychological sense. It encourages children to become more active, learn leadership, critical and creative thinking. Here at VMHSS, children are introduced to basic organic agriculture, soilless agriculture, and landscaping with medicinal plants.

Arts and craft

To create a space for the children to express themselves and also to grow as an individual, the arts and craft club engages and encourages students to bring out their aesthetic learning in form of colours. With a clear understanding that art is not confined to one singular domain, the club includes various forms of creative expressions like Calligraphy, Tanjore painting, Mandala art, and Embroidery. It is a space where students explore, experiment and come up with new ideas of expression.

Health and wellness club

The health and wellness club creates a favourable influence to develop habits and healthy living. The club imbues children about yoga, Saatvik foods and the importance of green vegetables. The main aim of the club is healthy living through yoga. The yoga and prana techniques taught here helps the children to overcome unacceptable behaviour, improve self-esteem, gain better concentration, overcome stress, develop flexibility and most importantly become a great human being.

Music Club

The club caters to and nurtures students who have an inclination toward music. It has been set up to encourage talents in music- instrumental and vocal. The club is a place to foster unity and creativity among students through listening, practising, and performing. Apart from cultivating and adapting diversified music, students are trained to compose original scores. They present prayer songs, compose school songs and maintain the school band.

Dance Club

To create a space for artistic exploration to dance lovers, our dance club teaches different forms of traditional dance. Incorporating dance as a part of curricula has helped students to nurture a sense of admiration and aspiration for the art. Dance stimulates every bit of mind and body and it is a non-competitive alternative for sports and other physical activities. The students are trained by highly qualified teachers from renowned institutions. Dance forms and movements help the children to be happy, attentive, and focused in a fun way.

IT club

A space where students are encouraged to explore technology by discussing and reviewing various aspects of new gadgets, software and hardware. The students are empowered with new information and technology skills. The club members create awareness among other students and teachers about technology. They learn everything from basic MS office, Coral draw, Photoshop, and Develop Websites. They create collaborate and work to bring more technology into the school zone.

Eco Club

Through this forum students reach out to promote sound environmental behaviour. The eco club empowers the students to take meaningful environmental activities and participate in project related to nature and culture. The main theme of the eco club is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The club is initiated to reduce the carbon footprint and increase sustainability. The children learn to create compost pit and, build a plastic-free campus by insisting the importance of RRR. The compost from the enviro club is shared with gardening to provide nutrition to plants. Conduct rallies for student awareness.

Literature club

Our literary club has been started to develop language and literature knowledge among the students. The club helps the students to explore the depths of literary criticism which eradicates the fear lingering in their minds regarding the proficiency of any language. Apart from fine-tuning their language skills, students are guided to develop self-confidence in public speaking. It sensitizes students to reach constructively through interpersonal communication, collaboration, and teamwork. The club organises debate competitions, quizzes and elocutions.

Innovation Club

To enable the students to generate more ideas and become more innovative, the club encourages the students to experiment and find the logic behind events and things of everyday life. The students research, explore and use different tools to uncover the mystery behind the science. The students are encouraged to start with a small project and make progress through collaboration.

Sports Club

A skill-based program, that is designed to build self-confidence and promote physical literacy. Students develop leadership, teamwork and a strong positive attitude. The Sports club coaches students to learn Volleyball, Throwball, Basketball, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, TT, Shuttle, Karate and Silambam.

student service clubs

scouts and guides

An international voluntary movement which intends to inculcate a spirit of thoughtfulness, loyalty, and patriotism for others.

national green corps

Imparts the knowledge to school children about the immediate environment, problems therein and interactions within.

Red cross

Enables the children to take care of their own health and help the sick and suffering especially their fellow students.

national service scheme

Upholds the students about the need for selfless service and to show consideration towards other living beings through service.

red ribbon club

Students are encouraged to spread awareness among their peers about HIV. RRC also promotes blood donation among the youth.

Road safety Patrol

Trains the students to regulate traffic near the school area and understand the traffic rules better under the guidance of the traffic constable.

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